Kawano Kancho is the only boss in Nippon Seibukan, were very intense days as to activities and as for the meeting, in the NI ÔSHÛ KENSA KIKAN TIMISOARA, ROMANIA, 2014, I can assure you, today, was all very clear.

Kawano Kancho is wise, and a great person, therefore, all will fight for him and Nippon Seibukan, especially now with the level of official procedures being followed since 2012.

Kawano Kancho and Uchiyama Hanshi did me the honor of being present in a Military Act, where the Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence won me an award, a moment I will not forget.

Now everything is done at the level recorded in the book, lifted Notarial Certificates and published on Social Media, for the avoidance of doubt or misunderstandings later.

Born the Nippon Seibukan of the XXI Century