Completed the creation of the Board for the Preservation of the Nippon Seibukan for the West 日本 正 武馆 西欧 保存 会议 Nippon Seibukan seïoü Hozon kaigi, as reinforcement of the International Committee for the Protection of Nippon Seibukan 日本正武館国際保護委員会 Nippon Seibukan kokusaï hogo iinkaï, authorized directly by Kawano Kancho, both Internal Organs began to work immediately in the work that reflect their names.

In the coming weeks and through of INTERNATIONAL NOTES, will gradually sent each and every news for the general knowledge, updates, of the PRESENT OLD AUTHENTIC NIPPON SEIBUKAN, after the success of Official Proceedings and negotiations started in 2012, authorized directly by Kawano Kancho.